Museum Hopping

My second day in Berlin was one of the busiest days, and by far my favorite. I walked through the city a bit passing through Gendarmenmarket on my way to Check Point Charlie, the Topography of Terror (former Gestapo headquarters and now a museum), and the Jewish Museum. Since I usually spend 3-6 hours in each museum I go to, this was a lot to pack into one day but totally worth it. I ended the evening strolling along the East Side Gallery (longest stretch of the Berlin wall still standing) with one of my roommates from the hostel, and was treated to a lovely dinner by the river where I had the most delicious sauerkraut I have ever tasted. Which is saying a lot since I am not a big fan of the kraut. Nothing like a fantastic meal with beautiful views and good company to bring an end to an incredible day.



2 thoughts on “Museum Hopping

  1. It all sounds incredible, there really is something special about being in the actual places where all that history took place.

  2. You eat sauerkraut?! Haha, I’m impressed. Even more so by the fact that you liked it. Maybe your pallit is expanding…perhaps we can get you to try seafood when you get back:b!

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