Czech Paradise

One of the great things about working for this family is that they are extremely active, which means on the weekends they are always doing something- biking, skating, hiking you name it. This weekend we went hiking at Cesky Raj which translated means Czech Paradise. Tall thin pieces of rock jutting up throughout the forest, pretty paradisaical. There were lots of stairs to climb. A LOT. Good thing we were hiking with kids, so I didn’t have a heart attack or anything. I was amazed at the girls though, they are hardcore. Some of those stair cases were narrow, extremely steep, and a little slippery. Even the 4 year old was going up the stairs that went up well past her belly button. These girls are awesome.


This was Annas attempt at taking a picture of me and Magda with the rocks in the background. She fails.


And I fail at getting the rocks in the same picture as us.


It started raining while we were hiking. Luckily we were prepared and brought raincoats, but even with those we had to hangout under the trees for about 20 minutes because it was a torrential downpour. Once it started showing signs of getting a little lighter we headed back out on the trail. Anna loved it, Magda started saying she didn’t like this place, and Barbara was just happy she got to be carried for awhile.  


After the hike their dad had a discussion with them about how it doesn’t matter if the experience was really bad or really good, as long as you feel it. That intensity is what makes you remember the experience. As he told them that various trips where things haven’t gone as planned flooded my mind- sitting on the side of the road next our not so trusty station wagon with my family more times than I count, the seemingly endless hours spent delayed in airport after airport when you’ve already been travelling for 14+ hours, riding through a rain storm in the middle of the Caribbean sun burnt and in pain as the rain pelted us at 40 miles an hour…these are the moments that I look back on fondly and often with a little laugh. I am thankful for the rain. It not only helps me remember my experiences but it also helps me appreciate the moments when the sun shines down on me in all its glory. 


4 thoughts on “Czech Paradise

  1. oh yes, and I still think we deserved more than a lousy voucher from United after our 33-hour trek home from Brazil

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